The art of video production is constantly evolving.
As technology advances, video equipment becomes more and more accessible, but technical knowledge is only half of the equation.

Sequence 7 Productions realizes that the difference between good and great is creativity. Sequence 7 combines cutting edge video production equipment and technical expertise with creative flare and artistic ingenuity to produce a wide range of video projects.

Beautifully capture the most important day of your life, promote an investment with brilliant clarity, preserve the memory of an important event, or advertise your business and impress potential clients.

An excellent video production is the most powerful and effective means of communicating an idea – if it’s done right. You need a video production company that keeps all the elements of a production in mind – lighting, music, dialogue, visuals, and skillful editing – right from the beginning.
It cannot be overstated just how important editing is. Experienced editing can mean the difference between a mediocre presentation and an excellent one. A great editor can even salvage what otherwise might have been a disastrous production. Sequence 7 has experience editing a broad range of styles, utilizing existing ‘home video’ footage, and starting from scratch.

Editing is not the only part of postproduction. Sequence 7 has the most up to date software for producing titles, mixing audio, making original music, and integrating custom motion graphics and backgrounds. We will make your video informative and eye-catching all at the same time.

You need more than a great video camera to film great visuals. You need creativity and experience. Sequence 7 understands that when communicating a message visually, simplicity is usually the best. The style should not get in the way of the message, but should be used to subtly influence and support the message.

Creative Power
More than anything else, Sequence 7 concentrates on creativity. We want your video production to be unique, exciting, and something you want to show off to everyone you know! Sequence 7 takes the time to learn about your project before we turn on a camera, so we can design a video from the ground up that does it’s job technically and artistically. Whether the project is a wedding, a seminar, a corporate video, or a product promo, Sequence 7 will seamlessly integrate all aspects of the production to produce a memorable, effective, and creative video.

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